Common Sense Lancaster

We believe it's reasonable -- and compliant with state law -- to require that people report a lost or stolen firearm within three days of discovering that it's missing. Common Sense Right? Not according to the National Rifle Association (NRA).

What Happened:

The Virginia-based NRA filed suit against the City of Lancaster for trying to protect our citizens and visitors from gun violence. This NRA action is being taken against the City for an Ordinance adopted in 2009 that “requires city residents to report a lost or stolen gun within three days of discovering that it’s missing.”

Why It Happened:

The continued failure on the part of the Pennsylvania General Assembly to take any meaningful action with respect to illegal guns, forces local elected officials to take action. In 2007, state legislation was introduced that would make it mandatory statewide that lost or stolen guns be reported to police. That law never made it out of committee.

In response to the lack of action by the State, the City of Lancaster adopted our own ordinance in 2009.
here to read the ordinance

State law signed by Governor Corbett late last year allows the NRA to sue cities and collect damages if local ordinances such as Lancaster’s are not repealed. When this legislation was first introduced, the Prime Sponsor claimed that the law was needed “to stop little tyrants at the local level from enacting their own gun-control measures.“

Our Response

We do not take this lawsuit lightly. We refuse to be bullied into compromising the safety of the people of Lancaster. It’s shameful that the gun lobby was able to influence the State legislature to pass a law that allows any national organization with a member in Pennsylvania to impose their agenda on our community. Lancaster has joined Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in challenging this State law on constitutional grounds. We believe we will win that lawsuit and we will defend our local ordinance against the NRA’s attempt to intimidate us with this lawsuit.


How Can You Help?

Support the Common Sense Lancaster Legal Defense Fund

We recognize the drain this will be on City resources and City taxpayers. At the same time, we believe that standing by this ordinance is the right thing to do. We are responsible for the safety of those City taxpayers – a responsibility we intend to fulfill.

If you believe that common sense should prevail, please help support the cost of defending this law against extremist attacks by the gun lobby. Your contribution will be used to defend the City of Lancaster against the NRA lawsuit and to advocate for laws to protect our communities.


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